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The best laid plans…….

I had planned a delivery session which was directly inspired by my forest day training.  On the training day we had explored the forest, picking up things of interest to us.  We then used these items in a craft activity to continue our learning.

The plan was to go outside foraging for sticks, wild flowers and anything else we found interesting.  We would then use the sticks to make our own kites using old plastic bags as the fabric.  This was to link in with the weather analyse theme I am developing, the children could use the kites the test wind direction and strength. They would also use the wild flowers and other bits and pieces to create “sun prints”. This is a simple version of photography, the items placed on top of the sun print paper act as a stencil while the rest of the paper is exposed to the sun turning it dark blue.  The paper is then simply developed and fixed in water.  This activity was linking into my theme by acknowledging the sunlight. 

On the day of the delivery it was snowing in the morning followed by heavy rain in the afternoon.  So unfortunately we could not go out to collect sticks as they would all be wet and the sunprint activity was definitely off the cards!

So it was time to adapt to the circumstances!  Luckily I had brought some kebab sticks with me incase we didn’t find enough sticks outside.  Before the children came out to work with me I hid them around the classroom for the children to find.  I explained that they were in a secret magic forest and they had to find the sticks very quietly so not to disturb the dragon who was sleeping nearby.  As we searched for the sticks the children started to make up their own parts to the story such as what the dragon was like and they enjoyed the role play element to it.  At one point another teacher walked through from her classroom and one of the children announced that she was a “mummy dragon”.

Once we had collected the sticks we started to make our kites.  The children were free to create whatever shape they wanted. 

We had some shark and dinosaur kites and one girl who was very proud that her kite was the only one with ears.

As the was snow and rain outside but surprisingly no wind we tested our kites inside by running along with them.  So unfortunately I wasnt able to introduce the weather theme this time but that didn’t make any difference to the children they had a great time flying them around.

Whats next…?

We will have a large teepee in the outdoor space and the end of the project.  How can I help this to become a useable, flexiable resource?  Could this be the “research base” for the weather station?  How should it be decorated and how can we get the children involved as much as possible?


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