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creative engagement – art meets cycling

I am often asked to create workshops to help people engage with a subject in a fun and creative way. This time was was asked by Cycling Scotland to develop my travel planning art sessions, this time for secondary age students.

I designed the sessions so the students could try some different techniques on maps of their local area to make travel planning fun. The students were free to come up with their own ideas and think about how to implement the ideas within their school. The students were having fun and discussing travel planning without realizing it.

The activities

Electrical tape tube maps – inspired by the electrical tape drawing we did in Glasgow Green during the common wealth games. Students used tube maps as a reference to create simplified maps of their cycle routes using tape to draw with.




Ideas generated – the activity could be upscaled onto a corridor of the school or painted onto the playground to make a big impact and raise awareness of the safety issues. It could look great with lots of different routes mapped out and would be fun to take part in.

Pin board maps – inspired by pin art, the students used pins and string to map out their routes.

String Art handcraft



Ideas generated – Again if this was unscaled onto a wall in the school it could make a big impact and make an attractive artwork for the school. Nails could be used instead of pins to make the activity more fun and make the routes more permanent.

Mini stunt bike trails – using finger bikes rolled across ink pads to mark out the safe cycle routes.



Ideas generated – This activity could be made to appeal to secondary age student with a couple of adjustments. A huge map could be used and instead of mini bikes full size bike wheels could be used with paint instead of ink pads.

The students have now been introduced to the basics of travel planning and have some ideas of how to engage people in their local area with the concept through fun and creative activities.

Twenty Eight Pop Up Collective

I have created a mini series of light boxes that are currently on show in Twenty Eight on St Stephen Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Twenty Eight is a not-for-profit venture, run collectively by local artists and creatives, each contributing to the overheads and the running of the shop. It is housed at 28 St Stephen Street, in Stockbridge. The Pop-up has been showcasing the talents of local artists and creatives on a two-weekly rotation since June, allowing the shop to have an ever-changing stock base, letting shoppers find something new each time they visit.

My work in on show during Stockfest, a week long festival celebrating the village of Stockbridge in Edinburgh and the surrounding community. The festival involves local traders, community groups, schools & residents. To celebrate the start of Stockfest I am giving away a limited edition print to the visit 50 people who with Twenty Eight on Saturday the 20th September.



The work I have created for Twenty Eight is inspired by “The Golden Hour”. The golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder, softer and has a magical quality.


Bella Art @ Belladrum Festival



I was excited to show this new work created just for Belladrum. The work is titled “Daydream”. It has been created to echo the magical and playful feeling of the Belladrum festival, as if you have stumbled across something special in a woodland clearing. The installation is made up of three life size winged horse lanterns made from willow.


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Big Draw @ The Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014

We were based at Glasgow Green throughout the Commonwealth games. Offering different drawing/art activities each day to the public. It was extremely popular and we welcomed approximately 200 people per hour into the space to get involved in our projects.

With a team of great local artists we offered lots of exciting, thoughtful and challenging activities under the guidance of lead artist Katie Fowlie. Here are some of my favourites from the 2 week project.

Giant Kalediscope

Pigeon Post
Visitors created a pigeon with a message on the back and addressed an envelope with their home address. The pigeon post they created will be posted to another random participant and they will have a surprise pigeon message come to them through the post.

Wind Drawing

Other Highlights

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Glasgow International Festival @ Tramway

I was asked to run some sessions for families with children 2 – 5 years and 5 – 12 years as part of GI. The sessions needed to link in with the current exhibitions – Michael Smith and Bedwyn Collins and allow families to engage with the themes. Both shows had a kind of altered reality with character based/performance. I thought some shadow art would link into the creepy atmospheres and allow the participants to explore character.





I am working with a group of families from Calderside on a photography project. I have designed a series of workshops that are fun and engaging not boring and technical. They are suitable for all age groups. I have named it crafty cameras as the workshops require the group to be very creative and often make something before you take the photographs. I have created a webpage for the project where I will post the results of the workshops. It also contains training info for the workshops and other ideas.

Here are a few favourites from the sessions –

Public artists all over North Lanarkshire

I worked with 3 secondary schools to give the students the taste of life as a public artist. Their task was to create a collaborative artwork for their school.
All projects started with pattern making to create colour and interest to the final artworks.



The results were a totem pole, a revamped bench and planter set and a tiled artwork.

Work in progress – Tiles

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Work in progress – Planter

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Work in progress – Totem pole

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As well as the 3 schools trying out the new public art project I also have 2 schools working on Light Art. They turned up with an amazing spread at the showcase event.



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