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Glasgow International Festival @ Tramway

I was asked to run some sessions for families with children 2 – 5 years and 5 – 12 years as part of GI. The sessions needed to link in with the current exhibitions – Michael Smith and Bedwyn Collins and allow families to engage with the themes. Both shows had a kind of altered reality with character based/performance. I thought some shadow art would link into the creepy atmospheres and allow the participants to explore character.





I am working with a group of families from Calderside on a photography project. I have designed a series of workshops that are fun and engaging not boring and technical. They are suitable for all age groups. I have named it crafty cameras as the workshops require the group to be very creative and often make something before you take the photographs. I have created a webpage for the project where I will post the results of the workshops. It also contains training info for the workshops and other ideas.

Here are a few favourites from the sessions -

Public artists all over North Lanarkshire

I worked with 3 secondary schools to give the students the taste of life as a public artist. Their task was to create a collaborative artwork for their school.
All projects started with pattern making to create colour and interest to the final artworks.



The results were a totem pole, a revamped bench and planter set and a tiled artwork.

Work in progress – Tiles

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Work in progress – Planter

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Work in progress – Totem pole

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As well as the 3 schools trying out the new public art project I also have 2 schools working on Light Art. They turned up with an amazing spread at the showcase event.


Colour and Pattern @ Lawview

A quick and lovely little project. Working with some residents from Lawview sheltered housing and some students from Clydevalley High. We have worked together to create a tiled artwork to be proud of. The workshops have been very relaxed and enjoyable, every one having a nice chat and getting along great.

We started by learning 2 simple patterns and practicing it on card. Amazing that these were all the same designs just done by different people.


We then worked on our own patterns to create a series of tiles.




Not bad for a group of people with no patterning experience!

Once Upon My Time 2014

I was invited back to this project for a second year. Children from Carnwath and Forth Primary school worked with a storyteller to create stories about their life. I worked with the groups to create images to accompany the stories in a book. We used shadow puppet techniques to create these playful, colourful images.


The project had a very short time frame but I am pleased with the images. Here are some of my favourites -







Warhorse – Festival Theatre/North Edinburgh Arts

The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh has been working with local schools to create an exhibition of works inspired by “Warhorse”. I was asked to create a work to give context to the exhibition, working with a small adult learning group.


River Of Light – Carrick Festival Of Light

Pic 22


Pic 21

I was one of the artists working on this ambitious community project in Girvan – Ayrshire. We ran workshops in the local schools and in the in the surrounding villages. The pupils make their own lanterns of different shapes so they could take part in the impressive lantern procession. We also ran community workshops so anyone who wanted to take part could come along. We created extra large detailed lanterns as the processions showstoppers. The procession culminated in a beach front performance using the large lanterns.

The workshops

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The lantern procession

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The showstoppers and beachfront performance

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Behind the scenes/construction

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Images courtesy of

Fairwell Bennachie Woodland Wander – arts and dementia

Sadly we have come to the end of this wonderful project. The art trail looks amazing, everyone has enjoyed a good laugh and surprized themselves with their own creativity. A success.

As a last woodland wander I decided we should make something we can take home to remind us of our adventures. A little piece of Bennachie to take home. We used plaster to create leaves that will last forever. They look lovely painted or just left natural with a few little bits of the leaf stuck in it.

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The images that have been produced during this project have been great, so much better than I had imagined. I wanted the participants to know this and be proud of their work. I got some postcards of the images printed to showcase the work. Everyone got a set to take home so they could show off their work.


I think they liked them because look flowers!

I’d like to thank everyone at the Bennachie Visitor centre who have been so supportive and enthusiastic throughout this project. Go see them and enjoy this wonderful place.

Some comments from the participants about the Bennachie Woodland Wander – arts and dementia project as a whole -

“We have had a super time at our get together art adventures. It has been so much fun, everybody joined in and it has been a real social occasion and we were all chuffed with our “art” work.”

“We have had such a wonderful time, enjoyed it so much. Meeting new people and having a really good time and a laugh. We learned some new ideas and arts.”

Bennachie – Arts and Dementia part 7


This is what I love about my Bennachie Woodland Wander group – I say, “Today we are going to do some yarn bombing”. They say, “What on earth is that??….oh…OK…show me how!”

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Bennachie Woodland Wander part 6 – Arts and Dementia

I am enjoying this project more and more. Everyone is getting to know each other and it is such a friendly and fun place to be. I find these workshops very relaxing which is unusual as the tutor! I don’t have any of the worry that normally goes along with being the workshop leader. I have seen such a change in attitude in some of the participants from the first session. On the first session they were sitting around the table looking quite daunted by the art materials in front of them and didn’t make a move without my say so. These days they come in a grab whatever I have laid out and get stuck in full force with no inhibitions!

This session I got a chance to share with the group what I have been learning in another project I am involved in. I am currently one of the artists working on Carrick Light Festival. This is a community project based in Girvan, Ayrshire. Each year all the local people make lanterns and create a river of light through the town in a procession to the shore front where they enjoy a light and fire performance. (I will blog about this project in due course)

So as a group we created lanterns. We used small pieces of willow to make triangle shaped lanterns with a battery powered tea light inside.

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