Art By Post

Toonspeak are doing a great job of supporting their young people (and artists!) during Covid19 Lockdown. Creating lots of opportunities including Art By Post, art packs delivered to the young persons home which include lots of exciting activities to complete at home. Without any in-person or online tutoring my instructions needed to be very clear and using simple materials. A selection of pages from the packs –

Creative pupil of the week notice board

Campsie view School (specials needs provision, East Dunbartonshire) had a pupil of the week notice board that was crying out for a creative revamp. Each week a pupil of the week is chosen for each class and the certificates are displayed here.

I wanted to create something fun and colourful. Something that could moved to the new school once it is built and can grow if the school grows to have more classes. I thought about how all the children are so different and each class has it’s own character. I chatted with the teachers and they liked my idea of creating a cactus garden, they liked the idea that they were all shapes and sizes just like the children.

Through a series of workshops each class designed their own cactus shape and flower. The flower is where the pupil of the week certificate will go. We played with paint, creating different textures using stamps and then used our painted papers to create the design.

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From these designs I planned the mural, first in paper and then cut the shapes from wood.

We then painted and varnished all the cacti and flowers.

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The Cactus garden is finished and ready to be installed after the covid lockdown. I’m looking forward to seeing the first little pictures on the children inside the flowers.

Mini Illustrators

I worked with Burgh Primary on their once upon my time project. The primary sevens work with nursery to write and illustrate their own professionally printed story books. I led a workshop with everyone together including the childrens families to develop ideas and images for the illustrations. I then worked with the images to edit them and create the final illustration for the book. The Illustrations include all the things that are important to the child and should look great in the book and compliment the stories really well. ( the first image is my example one!)

Campsie View school play

I have continued to work with special needs provision school Campsie View. This time the most ambitious project yet. Working with the teachers we put on a full school show. I helped each class to create costumes, props and back drops for each scene. The children made a wide range of things including a crocodile puppet, a landrover, a disco ball and dance floor, a telescope and a roll along dog made from a mini skateboard.

Toonspeak Slime monsters

Toonspeak provides free, high quality drama and theatre activities for young people living in Glasgow.
I worked with some of the young people to help them design their own slime monsters.

Pumpkin Den at Narrowboat Farm

A new addition for the pumpkin patch this year.
The challenge was make this old wooden thing that was lying around into something fun for the patch.

Laird Pheasant McPheasantface @ The National Museum Of Scotland

As part of the project “Cashback to the future” with impact arts I worked with a group of vulnerable young people within the National Museum of Scotland. We were asked to explore and respond to the current exhibition “Wild and majestic”. The exhibition explores Scottish heritage and history.

Working with me the young people designed and created this large scale costume which then visited the exhibition and created quite a stir.

Costume making in progress

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PYO Pumpkins @ Narrowboat Farm

I worked with Narrowboat Farm to add colour and interest to their site and boat trips as well as carving workshops during their pick your pumpkin event.


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Spinning mandalas @ Belladrum Festival 2018

This years Belladrum is a Bollywood extravaganza, the festival director contacted me once again to see what I could contribute.

I like festival artwork to be interactive and of course colourful. I designed a series of mandala inspired circular patterns that could be spun around. Lots of them hung together creates a large scale striking installation.



Cashback To The Future – National Museum Of Scotland

Impact Arts’ Cashback for Communities-funded programme – entitled Cashback to the Future – this year engaged over 100 young people in Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Renfrewshire in in-depth creative workshops led by artists who offered masterclasses in visual arts music, performance and digital work.
Aimed at 12-19 year olds who are all vulnerable in some way due to mental health concerns or social/economic background. These workshops offered a free, safe and creative space for participants to be inventive and imaginative.

I was the lead artist for visual art in the Edinburgh part of the project. We were based in the learning centre of the National Museum of Scotland. I designed the activities to be fun and engaging and tried to created a relaxed and social atmosphere.

We started with some short activities to introduce the course and get to know each other, moving on to building skills and learning new techniques.

Light Graffiti – always a great starter as it is fun and physical and you dont need to worry about how good you are at drawing.

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Shaving foam printing, nails art, paper craft, thread painting, yarn bombing, willow construction……all the fun!

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From this point the participants were free to develop their own personal work for exhibition using their new skills. We also worked on a series of large scale collaborative works.

Showcasing our work

We showcased our work firstly in Edinburgh for our family and friends and then we took our work to Paisley Abbey to share our work with all the other young people involved in the project across all areas.

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