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So how did it go?

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Before the events I was concerned that people might not want these colourful “things” all over the village but in fact we found that people were very enthusiastic about it and if anything they wanted the all the artworks to be permanent!  This could mean that project could leave an interesting legacy, it could possibly act as a pilot scheme for a much larger project in the future.

Lots of interesting ideas, trails and stories were identified  during the event.  I will be looking through these over the next few weeks and putting together a plan for what each year group will create for the trail.  Exciting times!

Some ideas gathered at the community events

  • clothes line textile artwork at cistern green
  • dingy paths would be nice with some colourful steps/stepping stones
  • field of mushrooms
  • bird inspired art in cistern green
  • weaved hut for bird watching
  • bunting for use on gala days
  • murals/artwork that can be transferred to school fences at the end of project
  • water inspired art
  • decorate errol house park gates
  • flags along high street/ entrance to errol
  • wigwam in the park
  • giant ladybird in the park
  • bench at southbank
  • artwork at stables
  • light art inside school
  • trail should start and finish at school
  • artwork that makes noise or spins in wind
  • eco-friendly

Watch this space……


We wanted to create a buzz about the start of the project so decided to hold a community event.  It is very important to us to gather people ideas and concerns so we decided to hold the event twice once on a Saturday and once after school on a weekday so everyone could have a chance of being able to come along.

The event was made up of a number of activity tables that people could visit and join in with in no particular order.  This was a great opportunity to collect peoples ideas, stories and get the word out about our project.  The activities that people took part in were –


  • Draw on our maps where you think the trail should lead
  • Where should the artworks be placed?
  • Tell us or draw what the art installations should be
  • Identify any areas of Errol that need some attention


  • An opportunity to share your stories
  • Tell us all about Errol and your experiences of living here
  • Do you know anything about the local industries, heritage, folk law?


  • An opportunity to get hands on with this project
  • Create your own clay figure to become part of the arts trail
  • Vote on how these figures should be displayed


  • Find out how you can be involved in the project beyond today
  • Sign up to receive up dates of how the project is progressing
  • Donate some materials to the project
  • Get involved in some of the workshops
  • Share your knowledge or skills


Here marks the start of an exciting school and community engagement project.  I will be working with pupils at Errol Primary School to explore public art and engage with their village.

I was chosen by a steering group made up of local community, teachers and pupils.  They will be with me throughout the project to guide me in the right direction.
Together we identified the aims of the project, which are to –
•Collaborate with ALL the pupils in school including nursery
•Involve and interact with the local community
•Bring the community into the new school building
•Create a permanent artwork sited inside the school, Create a legacy
With these aims in mind I thought about how to create a buzz and interest within the local community and how to bring them into the new school building.  We could have an exhibition where people come to view the collaborative artwork that we had made for inside the school.  That was ok but I wanted to really get people involved and interacting with the project and the pupils.  We wanted to create something exciting and ambitious.  We wanted a celebration of Errol and its community.

The Idea

I developed an idea that I thought met all our aims and was exciting and challenging.  When the day came to unveil my idea to the steering group I was quite nervous.  I had become so excited about the thought of putting this project together that I really hoped they liked it!
Success! With a few tweaks we had our plan……


  • A series of temporary art installations
  • Created by pupils and community
  • Inspired by local industries and heritage
  • Each year group will work together to create an artwork for the trail
  • The pupils will have the opportunity to learn about and be inspired by their local heritage and engage with their community
  • Celebrating creativity in our neighbourhood
  • The last artwork in the trail will be sited inside the school to bring people in and to celebrate our new school

Celebration weekend

People will have the opportunity to view all the artwork we have created by following a trail around the school and village.

What will happen to the artwork in the trail after the celebration weekend?

The artwork within the school will be permanent.  Where possible the artworks will be re-sited to within the school grounds or a suitable place within the village.  Other artworks that are more temporary will be photographed and professionally printed large-scale for display within the school as a record of out achievements and decoration for the new school building.

Our Green Credentials

We plan to use recycled materials wherever possible throughout the project.  We plan to make the project carbon neutral by planting a tree during the celebtation event, the pupil will be involved in this.

Initial ideas for artwork on the trail