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New collaborative artwork at Errol Primary School to create a legacy

Over the course of the three workshop days the primary seven students will take on the role of a professional collaborative public artists.  They will work from a brief, design and plan, consider budget and location then present their ideas for approval.  They will then create the work and be involved in the preparation for installation.

The Brief

Design and create a collaborative artwork for inside the school.

You must decide on the best location within the school for the work.

Each student in primary seven must make one piece to contribute to the work.

The artwork should create a legacy, it will be added to by the primary seven class each year.  It must therefore is easy to create and maintain as well as be inexpensive to make.  Remember that it will grow in size each year so it should not be too big.

Your piece of the artwork should inspired by you, it is your chance to leave a piece of you and your personality in the school as you leave for secondary school.

On the first planning day the students worked amazingly well as a group with only one little disagreement towards the end – that collaborating for you!  As a group we decided on location, colour scheme, theme and technique.

The students were inspired by some of my previous work.  They liked the jigsaw artwork that the Hill Mill Primary students made and also the light art photography that various school had taken part in.  They would like to combine these ideas to make their artwork unique.

Next time I work with the class they will start to play with light art and start creating the images for their giant jigsaw……..

Primary 1 become public artists

It was primary one’s turn to make their artwork for Errol Arts Trail.  The children created a water inspired hanging artwork for the pump at Gas Brae.  This feature was identified as interesting at the community events.  I feel that a piece of temporary artwork sited there would draw attention to it for the opening event.

“The old pump on Gas Brae is an interesting historic survival which has the potential to be an attractive feature in the street. This site would benefit from clearance of the overgrown existing planting obscuring the pump and a suitably managed soft and hard landscaping design.”

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Errol’s little fruit growers – polytunnel adventures

The children in the nursey class of Errol Primary School had an exciting day to create their part of Errol Arts Trail.  They worked with me to create a collaborative artwork that explores the heritage of fruit growing in the area. It was identified during the community event that there was a brick wall near the nursery that would be a good location for an artwork, this is where the artwork will be sited permanently although it may be sited elsewhere just for the arts trail weekend. Each child worked with me to explore real fruit, the colours and the smells. Each child used paint to create a small fruit inspired artwork on a circle.

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I will now take these artworks away and create a series of “polytunnel” artworks to be fixed to the wall. I hope to be able to integrate fruit scents into the artwork so the children will be reminded of the real fruits when they smell the finished work.