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Primary 2 get colourful

Primary 2 create a stunning artwork for the trail.  Helium balloons inspired by different coloured flowers.

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Flight Of Falcon cont.

Using the childrens designs I cut out shapes to fit onto the bench using my new jigsaw skills.  The children then painted them so they are ready to be fitted.  We also designed the text that will go onto the wings of the bench to tell the story.

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Flight Of Falcon

I have been working with class 4/5 to create a very exciting artwork for the trail.  It is something I have never attempted before and I think it is going to be great.

It was identified during the community events that local people would like some permanent artworks as well as some temporary ones for the trail.

The children are transforming an old bench into a new exciting artwork for the village.  It will tell the story of the “flight of falcon”.

“During the time King Kenneth III was King of Scotland, around 980, the Danes made a raid intoScotland. A peasant named Hay and his two sons were ploughing a nearby field. When Hay saw the invaders, he and his two sons ran to fight encouraging others to follow. The effect was for the weary invaders to retreat believing a new army was about to hit them. King Kenneth rewarded Hay with a ceremony in his castle inPerthand a gift of land. Hay decided on some land around Errol. King Kenneth, who was a keen falconer, determined the boundaries by flight of falcon. The falcon flew through the valley and landed on a large stone near St Madoes which to this day is called Hawkstane.”

The class got to working sanding and painting the old bench, we also designed how to make the bench tell the story.

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Our feathered friends

Primary 3/4 were given the task of creating artwork inspired by the reed beds at the river Tay and the rare bearded tit birds that live there.  The children had that their own bird to paint using images of the real birds as reference.  I was very impressed with the quality of the painting on the finished birds.

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Textile Designs with class 2/3

We want the artwork in Errol Arts Trail to be bright and colourful so we thought some flags or banners would be a good addition.  These textiles could be used on future gala days also.  I worked with the class to produce for colourful banners based to local industries.  The children used stencils and fabric paints to create scenes and patterns.

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P7 – the next installment

I visited the wonderful Primary seven class at Errol Primary School again on Tuesday.  Working with the class in small groups I introduced them to light painting, we experiemented with different lights and learned what works and what doesn’t.  The children worked as a team to then realise the plans of each childs design.  We then used photoshop to crop and enhance the photographs.

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