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Once Upon My Time – Images

I have been working on the images for the “Once Upon My Time” story book.  These images were made in collaboration with the families involved.




Art and Environmental Photography @ Our Dynamic Earth

The amazing education team at Our Dynamic Earth had invited me to design and deliver an exciting workshop for two special groups of children.  The groups had won an photography competition run by Our Dynamic Earth and the workshops were the prize.

The education team were not scared to try a new and slightly dangerous idea!  The result was that the children really enjoyed this unusual and exciting workshop.

We started by looking at and discussing some work from environmental artists including some of my own.



We then created our own work.  Stones were put into the oven to warm up.  The children then drew onto them with crayons.  The crayons melted to cover the stones in vivid colour.  We then designed a plan and arranged the stones to be photographed in the natural environment.

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