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Another woodland wander adventure

Attendance has been growing to these workshops which I’m sure is a good sign. We had some new members this session so it was a good opportunity to reflect on what we have already achieved. We have had a lot of great feedback about the work we have already placed in the forest.

This session we worked with stone and used water images as a stimulus.



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New growth at Bennachie

We have been enjoying the exploring the forest at Bennachie so it was about time that we planted some trees of our own.


We started with mdf tree shapes and layered up tissue and patterned paper to make the trees individual.


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Create:Connect – Art and Dementia (part 3)

Slideshows have become a feature of these workshops.  At the beginning of the workshop I display the images from the last workshops as a reminder for returning participants and an introduction for anyone joining the group for the first time.  At the end of the workshop we review the images from that session as a good way the celebrate the achievements.

This week we created some bunting/flags by using leaves as stencils.




We have had some amazing feedback about our sessions and the work we have been creating. People are enjoying seeing the artwork pop up in the forest. We have seen people stop and take photographs of the artworks on numerous occasions. I had an amazing email from one of the participants daughter saying how worthwhile the sessions were and how they were having a positive impact on her family. As well as getting out and about during the sessions some of the participants have been coming back to Bennachie independently to show people the artwork. This is brilliant that they want to extend the experience and it shows a sense of pride and achievement that I am very happy about.

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