Archive | November 2015

Kickstart Day @ XL Arts and Employability

The aim was to give 100 teenagers from North Lanarkshire a taste of what its like to do my job. I focused on my work for music festivals as I thought it would appeal to their imagination. I asked them to create monsters from clay imagining that they were huge scale so people at a festival could walk around them and climb on them. Some great results and a lot of fun.



Once Upon My Time – 2015

I have been working with nursery children at Crawforddyke Primary to create shadow puppet images. The images will be published in the childrens our storybooks all about them. they will now go on to work with a storyteller to complete the project.




Be Safe Project Returns

I have been busy running CPD training for nursery practitioners from all over South Lanarkshire. About eight years ago I created an education resource with the areas cultural coordinators to help teachers to introduce children to child protection issues. The resource focuses on the early warning signs and a network of support all tackled in an easy and fun way through art activities. Since we developed the resource it was proved to be very popular, effective and has been use each year in many establishments. As the resource is still very relevant we did not need to update it and we received funding to run another set of training sessions all around the county.

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