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Spinning mandalas @ Belladrum Festival 2018

This years Belladrum is a Bollywood extravaganza, the festival director contacted me once again to see what I could contribute.

I like festival artwork to be interactive and of course colourful. I designed a series of mandala inspired circular patterns that could be spun around. Lots of them hung together creates a large scale striking installation.



Cashback To The Future – National Museum Of Scotland

Impact Artsā€™ Cashback for Communities-funded programme – entitled Cashback to the Future ā€“ this year engaged over 100 young people in Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Renfrewshire in in-depth creative workshops led by artists who offered masterclasses in visual arts music, performance and digital work.
Aimed at 12-19 year olds who are all vulnerable in some way due to mental health concerns or social/economic background. These workshops offered a free, safe and creative space for participants to be inventive and imaginative.

I was the lead artist for visual art in the Edinburgh part of the project. We were based in the learning centre of the National Museum of Scotland. I designed the activities to be fun and engaging and tried to created a relaxed and social atmosphere.

We started with some short activities to introduce the course and get to know each other, moving on to building skills and learning new techniques.

Light Graffiti – always a great starter as it is fun and physical and you dont need to worry about how good you are at drawing.

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Shaving foam printing, nails art, paper craft, thread painting, yarn bombing, willow construction……all the fun!

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From this point the participants were free to develop their own personal work for exhibition using their new skills. We also worked on a series of large scale collaborative works.

Showcasing our work

We showcased our work firstly in Edinburgh for our family and friends and then we took our work to Paisley Abbey to share our work with all the other young people involved in the project across all areas.

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