Under The Sea

Campsie View is a school for children with a range of additional support needs. I have been working with this school for a year to develop the childrens engagement with visual art. This term with have focussed on the “Under the sea”. We have been hugely productive.

We started by exploring light as that was something the children from the last block really enjoyed. We use hair gel and food colouring to create these ocean bags. They were very sensory, the children enjoy how they looked and felt. We then expanded on this light work by making shadow puppets.

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We created a coral reef using coffee filters.

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The children have also been working with a dancer, a musician and a singer. We were working towards a showcase so we make a backdrop and some costume elements. We also continued to work or exhibition of work.

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City Life with Campsie View School

Campsie View is a school for children with a range of additional support needs. I worked with the senior pupils to explore city life. The children were interested in vehicles, cars and planes. We create a set which included 3d clouds and decorated some aeroplanes. We had lots of fun playing with the planes and trying to get them through the cloud shaped holes. The children enjoyed the fact that they made their own game.

Next was a road and mini cars …

The Sound Forest

I worked in collaboration with musician Kirsty Hamilton and Kilsyth Primary School to create a musical art trail for the schools outdoor learning space. The project was funded by One Family.

Myself and Kirsty delivered a series of workshops to all classes in the school. The children experimented with musical instruments and learned how they work. They then got to design their own instruments and helped to build and decorate them.

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Suitcase Theatre

I was paired with St Crispins School to help them create a film for The Awfey Huge Variety Show at the Festival Theatre.

I worked with the children to create a suitcase theatre complete with set changes and a series of puppets.





We passed this on to Jane McInally who created this amazing animation to showcase our work. Click link to see animation.


Sustrans Map Board with Coalburn Primary


I was commissioned by Sustrans to work with Coalburn Primary school to design a map board to be sited on the NCN – 74 cycle route running beside the village. The brief was to engage with the children at Coalburn Primary School to rethink the standard map board design.

I worked with each class at the school to explore themes that could inform the design. I designed a series of activities for the children that enabled me to collect their ideas and inspire their creativity.
Some images from the sessions –

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From this I was able to design a shape for the board that reflected the heritage and community of the area. The area has a strong mining heritage and this was reflected by a bing shape board with a narrow gauge railway shape. I have worked with the local heritage society to put together the information for board.

Metal work in production




Coatbridge summer Light Art

Bonnie Bayou

The Jennifer Ewan Band had approached me to think about how they might create an interesting back drop for their stage. They are performing during the Edinburgh fringe in their show named Bonnie Bayou which reflects their Cajun/Scottish influences.

I met with Jen and Kim to discuss what they wanted…..convey the idea of Louisiana swamp/creole/creeping vines but in a subtle way/not a theme set, convey a Scottish collaboration, heather, add a little magic, autumn colours.

I worked with their thoughts and discussed with them a few ideas and shared some image I thought could be used as inspiration.

You can see Bonnie Bayou and their stage set on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays at 5pm during August at the Montebar. Free tickets here –